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Installing Umbraco 5.1

Umbraco 5.1 the friendly CMS

This is another post from the basic Umbraco series. For the tutorial on how to create your first Umbraco website check this category.

This post is even more basic and it describes how to get Umbraco 5.1 installed on your computer. It assumes that you already have Microsoft WebMatrix and Microsoft SQL Server running.

If you look into WebMatrix Site Gallery you will see that there are two Umbraco installations available: the first one is Umbraco 4 and the other is Umbraco 5.01. But if you want to install Umbraco 5.1 you need to begin with downloading it.

1. Go to this Codeplex page and choose Umbraco 5.1 CMS Web Application download link.

2. Unzip the downloaded folder to where your websites reside. Documents>My Web Sites is always a good place if you don’t have anything in mind. Call the website folder something descriptive. I called mine Umbraco 5.1 (since it is only going to be used for this post).

3. In WebMatrix choose Site from Folder and navigate to your Umbraco 5.1 folder. Click Select Folder

Web Matrix screenshot

4. Choose “Site”. On the new screen you will see two links. One is the URL to your website and one is the Path to your website on your disk. Click URL to start the installation process in your browser. In the future, once your website is installed, this is how you will be able to navigate to your website and the backoffice in your browser.

Webmatrix screenshot

5. Now your browser opens the first installation screen and all you need to do here is to click on the Install Umbraco 5.1 link:

Umbraco installation screen 1

6. This takes you to the second screen and this time you only need to click on the big “Let’s get started” button.

Umbraco 5.1 installation screen 2

7. The third screen is where you set up your database. If you have no experience doing that choose “I want to use SQL CE 4, a free, quick-and-simple embedded database”. These option will take care of everything for you. Then click “Install”.

Installing Umbraco 5.1 screen 3

8. The next screen is the happy screen that shows you you’re done installing and everything went fine. Click “Continue” to continue (sic!).

Umbraco 5.1 installation screen

9. On this screen you need to set up your umbraco user. Fill in the small form and make sure you remember the password or you won’t be able to log into your Umbraco back office.

Umbraco 5.1 installation screen

10. Next, you can choose to install a starter kit which is a basically a filled website. If you are new to Umbraco this might be a good way to learn your way around the back office. Click on the icon to install the kit or on the “skip” button to move on.

Umbraco 5.1 installation screen

11. And your done. Now you can move on to creating your website. Only thing that stands between you and your website is clicking the “Set up your new website” button and logging in to your  back office (using the login and password you set up in step 9).

Umbraco 5.1 installation screen

Portfolio re-design

Despite the fact  that I am mostly creatively dormant nowadays (exam period, you know), I’ve been working on re-designing my portfolio. This is a design I made, that I  like but will not use. I will not use is because it feels to hand-made and also it follows online trends to closely, which means that it has a shelf-life of half a year to a year. Nevertheless, I like it and I don’t want to condemn it to the life in half-shadows of my archive hard-drive. So here it comes:

InaBoxDesign logo concept

3 skills description

Footer deisgn concept

All comments and feedback are as always welcome.