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Portfolio re-design

Despite the fact  that I am mostly creatively dormant nowadays (exam period, you know), I’ve been working on re-designing my portfolio. This is a design I made, that I  like but will not use. I will not use is because it feels to hand-made and also it follows online trends to closely, which means that it has a shelf-life of half a year to a year. Nevertheless, I like it and I don’t want to condemn it to the life in half-shadows of my archive hard-drive. So here it comes:

InaBoxDesign logo concept

3 skills description

Footer deisgn concept

All comments and feedback are as always welcome.

Graphic Design: Roman Pleasures

This is a personal project of mine. I worked on it last weekend and throughout this week. It started as a doodle and ended up being a tree poster designs entitled: Roman Pleasures. I worked in Illustrator CS5, mixing layers, transparencies and textures. And even though there was no purpose to this work, other than joy of doing it, I like the style of the posters and I can easily see it being used for some actual event posters.

Poster Design by InaboxDesign: Roman Pleasures: Bibere

Poster by InaboxDesign: Roman Pleasures: Edere

Poster by InaboxDesign: Roman Pleasures: Confero 

Weekend Snapshot

I’m spending a large portion of this weekend working on a new graphic design for my portfolio. Partly because I am no longer satisfied with the current design and partly because I need to incorporate this blog into the new portfolio and so I need a design that can handle it. The design is still a work in progress but below is a dribbble-style snapshot of my work.

Portfolio icons (front-end development, web design, logo design)


Weekend Illustrator Exercise Continued

Cartoon Boy Illustration

Last weekend I followed this Adobe Illustrator tutorial closely and you can see the resulting illustration of a cartoon alien in one of my previous posts, here.

This weekend I step up the game and created my very own cartoon boy illustration, sketch and all, using the same techniques as described in the tutorial. Despite a few flaws I am terribly proud of my creation. This shouldn’t stop you from commenting and criticizing – this is still an exercise, done to learn.

The shoes took a bit of time and I’m not 100% satisfied with the shape but it’s the hand that was the trickiest part. For the longest time it looked like an alien claw but I think I finally got it right.


Weekend Illustrator Exercise

This lovely alien character was a product of this Adobe Illustrator CS5 tutorial I worked on this weekend. The tutorial makes a lot of use of lines and paths. I recommend the tutorial for a bit more advanced users as some steps are skipped over or described in just one sentence. Nevertheless a very nice project to practice ones AI skills.Alien illustration

Alien cartoon-style illustration