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I am proud to say that, as of yesterday morning, I am Level 1 and 2 Certified Umbraco Developer.

You might have read some of my posts on Umbraco on this blog. I’ve met Umbraco for the first time about a year ago and I’ve been learning to use it and working with it ever since (although not all the time).

The culmination of this period was a great training that Umbraco offered to Business Academy‘s students, me included. Last week 30 students sat down for 3 intensive days to cram Level 1 and Level 2 material , which usually takes 4 days. It was a marathon but totally worth it.


The course was really well taught by Per Ploug of Umbraco HQ. He mixed short theoretical parts with longer practical exercises which kept us all wide awake and attentive. We were also supplied with pdf workbooks and pre-made Umbraco installations so that we could practice more advance techniques. The tempo of the class was also good. Due to some problems we encountered with MVC and Visual Studio along the way, there was a downtime during the second day. At that time the course would have greatly profited from a second teacher who could help handle the particular problems. However, thanks to the workbooks, the course didn’t grind to a total halt because students without the problems could continue exploring on their own.

And as a bonus, when it turned out there were some typos and small errors in the course materials, we were treated to an “I’m sorry cake” from Per. And I mean 30-people-worth-of-cake!

All in all, the experience was really good and worth the effort.  And it seems that it was the case for both sides. Today morning, I took the tests that belong with the course and I am now officially certified Level 1 and 2 Umbraco developer. And to anyone who wonders if they should do it or not, I say “Go for it”.

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