Coming Soon Pages

I am currently working on updating the look and feel of my portfolio. Because it happened so that in the last few weeks I was asked for my portfolio address and I am really not happy with the old design, I started thinking about using a “coming soon” page.

What makes a successful “coming soon” page? Let’s see:

  1. It needs to be branded/designed to look like the coming page
  2. It needs to explain who you are and what is this website going to be about
  3. It needs to provide either
    • a way to contact you (email/phone/skype)
    • or a way to find you elsewhere online (social networks/portfolio galleries etc.)
    • or an option to sign up for updates
    • or at least a counter showing when is the website going to be ready
And most of all, it needs to be memorable enough for the visitor to want to go back and check it out again.

Below 4 outstanding inspirations I found this week:

Moses Mehraban

Moses Mehraban's coming soon page


Designatr coming soon page

Five Second Projects

Five second projects coming soon page


BirdBox coming soon page

And at the end a bit of resources. A really good check-list-style article from Smashing Magazine on the topic of building “coming soon” pages.

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