Day One

ProCore LogoSo, today was also the first day of my internship (you can read more about it in the previous post). It was really good, actually better than I expected.

To begin with, everyone at ProCore, my host company, is very friendly, helpful and communicative.  We began the day with some buns and a introduction to the company and my tasks. We laid down plans for the next few weeks of work and I was given a detailed tour of the company’s products and services.

For the next week my work will mostly include research and production of marketing strategy to help the company secure more fixed income as well as consulting jobs. And today I started on researching the professional networks around .NET, Umbraco CMS and JAVA programming. I have also spend some time jutting down some marketing ideas.

I also had a chance to brainstorm with my new boss on the company’s website and my suggestion to spend time analyzing the website and proposing new information architecture, was given a go. This task also took a large chunk of my work day today and will definitely continue tomorrow.

And as a bonus, a quick impression: Incuba Science Park is the place to be if you are starting or innovating in the IT or digital world. Great place to work and even better to network.

Today’s Bibliography:

1. Web Monkey – Information Architecture Tutorial

2. InDeziner – 50 Creative Web Agencies

3. Smashing Magazine – Starting Out Organized: Website Content Planning The Right Way

4. Jesse James Garrett – The Elements of User Experience

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