Day 9: Issuu: Online publishing.

Issuu logoThis week I looked into an interesting online service,  According to the website:



“Issuu is the leading digital publishing platform delivering exceptional reading experiences of magazines, catalogs, and newspapers.”

The service allows for quick, easy and free online publishing of most common document formats such as .pdf, .doc, .ppt or .odt. All you need to do is register and upload your file. You can choose to keep your publications private and available only under the URL or you can make it searchable through Issuu and Google.  There is also an option to embed publications on your website.

Let’s quickly look at a few good and weak points of the service:

Weak points

  • free version has adds
  • PRO version is pricey and doesn’t have many benefits
  • the reader for the publications is based on Flash. According to Issuu, if you don’t have Flash installed the reader should simply show you images of the document (a bit like PDF reader) but that wasn’t my experience.
  • there is no app for Iphones
  • it’s not easy to find detailed information on the website
  • not every font in your document will translate correctly so consider using the most common ones

Strong points

  • publishing with Issuu is really easy
  • there is a free version that has basically the same functionalities as the PRO version
  • the publications look professional
  • you can easily embed the documents on your website
  • there is a free app for Android phones
  • you can easily add buttons and links to your publications once online
  • you can use SmartLook code from Issuu to automatically convert all the documents on your page into Issuu publications

So all in all, the service is a really good way to achieve professional look for your online documents.

And as a tasty treat here is an expert from Issuu’s cheeky customer service:

Our service is always very reliable. If you experience problems with upload the problem is most likely on your end. In general, you should always try a differentbrowser / internet connection / computer whenever possible. Often the problem can be solved with a little patience and experimentation.


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