Day 8: The power of social media. Cautionary tale.

I have recently came across 2 stories connected to social media and public image. I thought it was really interesting to see that social media (and internet in general) are a double sided sword. Use it wisely and create value for yourself. Ignore consequences and punished you shell be.

Anyway, read the 2 stories and draw your own conclusions.

1. Harnessing the power of Google


2. Careless Foursquare

This history actually happened to me. For obvious reasons I will not use actual names.

I used to use Foursquare and I used to have a neighbor, let’s call him Draco Malfoy. Malfoy also used Foursquare. My place was called “Casa Lind”, his was “Malfoy’s Sexhytte” (Sexhut). Malfoy is a young guy so that in itself isn’t maybe that bad. Except that Malfoy has a design company. His company is called “Malfoy”.  And you might imagine that there is no way I can ever take his work seriously without thinking about the “Sexhytte”…

Of course this time the impact of his silliness is low. There will be just a few people who can make the connection I made. But the principle of “what goes on the internet, stays on the internet” applies to bigger blunders too.

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