Personal Thoughts on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

samsung galaxy note 10.1

A couple of weeks ago I got a shiny new package with Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 inside. And since then I’ve been using it pretty much non-stop. I will not bore you with all the technical specs of the tablet – you can find these all over the web. And if you want to see what it can do, you should pop by and enjoy all the great videos. What I want to tell you about, are just a few of my subjective opinions about this great toy.


So, first of all the tablet performs beautifully. It is perfectly responsive and deals with my obsessive-compulsive switching between all the social-media apps without a glitch. It has not froze once. Using the pen might need a moment or two to get used to. However no matter if it is the stylus or your fingers you favor, you will not be disappointed.


SNote Screenshot

Samsung Galaxy Note, as the name indicates, is designed to help you with your note-related needs. First of all, it comes with pre-installed note taking application, the SNote. In the app you can create notes containing text, images and drawings. I’ll be honest with you here: I think this tool still needs some polishing. The UI needs some extra work before it is truly great, especially when hand-writing to text option is selected the controls of some element are hidden. It just needs to be more intuitive.

Nevertheless, the app shows a great potential and I can see myself using it a lot in the future. I love doodling, sketching or noting down ideas and with SNote I can keep it all in one place and share it on social media or through email. I hope that Samsung will keep improving this piece of software.

And on that note (pun not intended), I think it is worth mentioning how well the handwriting-to-text feature works. You can write pretty carelessly and the text will be well interpreted. I distinctly remember my teachers not being able to do what this tablet does: you have to admit that this is pretty impressive.

Handwritting to text samsung galaxy note

Another important part of notes-related activities is sharing on social media. And here Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is doing beautifully. No matter if you’re using SNote, Evernote or any other app, taking quick photos, screen snapshots, or if you are producing other types of content with Photoshop Touch or VideoMaker (also pre-installed), producing and sharing content is made super easy.


Another notable feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is the ability to share the screen between two apps working simultaneously. For example SNote can share the screen with internet browser (see: picture below) or and the email client. This makes noting down things from the internet or creating emails from your notes so much easier.

Multiscreen on Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

However, in my opinion, this functionality has one major flaw. And that is, that it has a pre-defined and rather short list of apps that can share the screen.

  1. SNote
  2. Internet browser
  3. Video Player
  4. Polaris Office (your basic Word, Excel and PowerPoint-like software)
  5. Gallery
  6. Email Client

So, if like me you would like to use Chrome, Gmail client or Evernote, you will be denied the benefits of multiscreen. I really hope that this is flaw will be soon dealt with. Especially, that it seems the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone already has the capability to add third-party apps to its multiscreen feature.

Additionally, the tablet also supports floating apps. Which means that you can open the email client, music player, SNote, SPlanner (your calendar), task manager, calculator and alarm as a small floating window on top of any other application. Again a very useful feature if you want to quickly switch between apps without loosing them from view.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is a great tablet. It has not been a disappointment. It has improved my workflow and increased my productivity throughout the day. I use it to surf the web, read books, articles and papers. I use it as my replacement brain with the calendar, task lists and notes. And last but not least, I use it to share my content on social media. So you can see that a pretty large load was taken off of my laptop’s shoulders.

Oh and by the way, part of this post was also written on the tablet, using the pretty sweet WordPress app.

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