Setting the Stage

Business Academy Aarhus logpTo set this blog in motion, a few words of introduction about the internship that I am currently taking.

The internship is part of my studies in Multimedia Design at Business Academy Aarhus a.k.a. Erhvervsakademi Aarhus. I am to complete a 10-week internship in one (or more) of the 4 fields taught at Multimedia Design course: Business, Communication, Visualization or Interaction in any media-related company.

In my case the company is called ProCore and is located in Incuba Science Park in Aarhus. It provides a wide variety of services from custom-made software solutions, through software products to providing complete webdesign and development projects and CMS systems. In its 10-years of existence it has also consulted in the fields of .NET development, JAVA development and project management.

My role in the company will be centered around marketing and communication tasks but it will also (hopefully) include some graphic design and web analysis.

The internship plans that were agreed upon by the 3 interested parties (me, ProCore and my internship supervisor) look more or less like this:

Knowledge – the student obtains knowledge about:

  • The inner workings of a company
  • Planning and preparing a marketing campaign for a new product on a new market

Skills – the student works with:

  • Preparing a marketing campaign
  • Online and printed material for the campaign
  • Graphic design, various Adobe programs

Competence – the student works on and develops:

  • Website analysis (call to action for the company’s products)
  • Marketing
  • Segmentation
  • Social media

With the stage thus set we can move on to the first day of my internship (see next post).

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