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5 Impressive Umbraco Websites

Very recently I had the chance to see Per Ploug introduce Umbraco 4.9 and it made me want to look back into the CMS. For inspirations, I looked into existing Umbraco sites and here is the most interesting 5 I found.

1. Confio Software

Confio’s website is brilliantly interactive. And despite its complexity, it is easy to navigate.

Confio Software Website

2. Hasselblad

Another very complex and very well handled website.

Hasselblad website


FXUK is an interesting example of Umbraco in use. Almost the entire content on the website consists of images and videos.

FXUK website

4. Education Impact

This page caught my attention because of the way it displays the news. The front-page grid layout attracts users and makes the news prominent.

Education Impact front page

5. Kiers.me

This last website constitutes an interesting counterweight to the previous 4. It is a personal website and a blog by Stephen Kiers and it shows that Umbraco can serve well in any size.

Stephen Kiers Blog