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Umbraco: The King is Dead, Long Live v4

Codegarden 2012Codegarden 2012 (official Umbraco conference) is now over and it is time to sum things up. As many, if not all of you, have already heard this years conference was all about the big announcement to pull the plug on Umbraco v5. The announcement was delivered by Niels Hartvig, the founder of Umbraco, in his keynote address you can see online.

Umbraco v5 was released earlier this year and was trumpeted as the best thing that ever happened to humanity since sliced bread. But, as it now turns out, the many performance issues were partly caused by the complexity of the code. This complexity made it impossible for Umbraco core developers to quickly solve problems or to have the community help out (which was the practice in v4). And therefore the surely difficult decision was made to revert focus to v4. Resources will now be spent on improving v4 by rolling out new features, also these intended primarily for v5. Umbraco HQ is hoping to enlist the help of the community and work in short development cycles to show the progress.

The announcement was met with mixed reactions from the community.  Developers and web agencies who already invested time and money are deeply disappointed, hurt and angry about the decision. They stand to loose some business over this unfortunate turn of events. Others, and they seem to be more vocal, support the decision and are happy to see the resources brought back to working on v4, a mature and stable platform. 

Codegarden 2012

Now it seems that the future of Umbraco rides on how fast and how well can v4 be developed. Some people have certainly lost confidence in Umbraco and need to be persuaded

that they can trust the same team with the future of their businesses. However it doesn’t seem like the “hardcore” supporters and developers are ready to give up on the project just yet. The next couple of months will show if the brand can still stand for quality and be a respected as a business solution.

If you are interested to read more about the topic and people’s reaction, check out our.umbraco.com blog.